Keith Brunjes, CFT

Keith Brunjes was born and raised in Medford, NY, and graduated from Patchogue-Medford High School in 2009. Keith is an athlete who played multiple sports but who excelled primarily in Lacrosse. Planning on continuing his lacrosse career in college Keith was devastated by injury during his senior year of high school which brought an abrupt end to his lacrosse career. These injuries landed Keith in physical therapy which blossomed his interest in fitness. Keith began working as a physical therapy aide in the summer of 2010. Looking to further his knowledge in the fitness industry Keith was certified as a personal fitness trainer through the ISSA in August 2013. Since being certified Keith has worked with a variety of clients for many different fitness goals. Combining his knowledge of orthopedic and sport/skill specific exercise. In the six years since receiving his certification, Keith has created countless exercise programs for clients ranging from the sedentary individual to the advanced athlete. In the summer of 2014, Keith began an internship at the Cave, Elite Strength and Performance. During his time at this internship, Keith was asked to design group exercise programs for athletes competing in football, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and track. Keith is currently continuing his education and is enrolled in the ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist program.