Professional Care Physical Therapy in Riverhead is one of my favorite PT practices. I’ve been through numerous injuries over the years from sports and running and this is by far my favorite practices. Not to mention they are open later than most places, which I needed for my job. Especially now with COVID, the office is kept extremely clean. The therapists, aids, and staff all take precautions wearing face masks and gloves. They are also temperature checking every time a patient comes in and sanitizing equipment after every time it’s touched. They are being very thorough with their cleaning and sanitation procedures. Patients are also being spread out on the tables so that they are kept at a safe distance from each other. I feel comfortable entering Professional Care to meet my needs during these times. As for the therapists, I have seen almost every therapist at this practice because of my schedule. I have never once been disappointed. Every therapist here has done an amazing job working on me before and after my knee surgery and I would be happy to see any one of them. The aids are also extremely helpful and walk you through each exercise during your session, one by one and give you directions and reminders to make sure exercises are done correctly. If you’re looking for a Physical Therapy practice where the therapists are knowledgeable and take their time to fully meet your needs, where the office is kept very clean, and is pretty flexible with scheduling, this is your place! I highly recommend Professional Care to anyone in the Riverhead or surrounding area!